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Eyes that wont cry, lips that wont lie, and love that wont die
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Feeling like none of the good you do gets recognized has to be the shittiest feeling ever. Not feeling like the people you love the most are proud of you, and feeling like the only love you get is outside the home sucks. I’ve fucked up so many family relationships I don’t even know how to fix them anymore. Today’s probably one of the shittiest days I’ve had in a really long time.


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finish her

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I feel sorry for people who use someone’s weight as an insult to make the other person feel worthless, unattractive, etc. It’s like, could you not think of anything else to say so you resort to something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything?

I feel sorry for them because they’re so…

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Isn’t it weird how people change and grow apart and stop talking and then one day you see this person who you swore you were going to be friends with forever and you can barely think of a thing to say and then it finally hits you that somewhere along the way your friendship dimmed and you will probably never be close to that person again. I think that’s one of the saddest things I’ve come to terms with lately.

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"I want to move into an apartment in Manhattan with white floors and big windows. Drink Coffee in central park with my best friend and gossip about that bitch yesterday. Work at a fashion house. Go to a bar downtown with all of my friends at the weekends. Wear my boyfriend’s shirt at home, but extravagant clothes when I go out. And last, but not least - I want to be the type of person, people turn around on the streets and go “she’s someone”."

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i fucking hate how nervous people make me like i can’t even walk down the road without feeling judged and that is just ridiculous.

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I feel like there’s honestly no sense of originality anymore. I’ve came across a lot of people and there is rarely anybody that has the ability to think independently. no sort of creativity what so ever. Its just a matter of the time’s we live in and the way people go about things. why would you want to be anybody else if you were born into this world as an individual

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